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Maternity testing reveals the child’s mother, whereas paternity testing identifies the father. The most reliable method for determining definitively who is the mother of a child is DNA maternity testing. Analyzing a DNA sample from both a child and a potential mother provides a clear picture of motherhood because every person gets their DNA from both their mother and father. We are proud to offer some of the quickest and most accurate DNA maternity tests available at the best prices.

Because we are aware of the significant significance of the results of a DNA test, we take great care to maintain your confidentiality throughout the procedure in order to provide you with trustworthy results. Our example assortment process is fast, simple, and non-nosy. The samples are then carefully examined in our high-quality, spotless DNA testing laboratory. You will receive your test results in a few days. It’s that easy! Additionally, all of our DNA test results withstand legal scrutiny.

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Reasons for a Maternity Test

While less common than their paternity test counterparts, maternity tests are actually fairly popular. There are many reasons that you may wish to conduct a DNA maternity test. In some instances, a maternity test may be ordered by a court in order to conclusively establish motherhood.

Some of the most common reasons for maternity testing include:

  • Clarification or confirmation of motherhood
  • Assertion of custody or visitation rights
  • Evidence for immigration proceedings
  • Claiming of child’s right to military/government benefits
  • Assertion of one’s right to inheritance
  • Court-ordered testing for parental disputes
  • Adoption-related DNA testing

There are many other legal and personal reasons that someone may wish to have a maternity test. DNA testing is the only way to definitively resolve parentage disputes, including questions of motherhood.

Why Choose Fastest Labs for Maternity Testing?

We are committed to providing our clients with the fastest, most accurate results possible at the very best prices. Our maternity DNA testing services are quick and easy, and we take great care regarding your confidentiality concerns. Our certified collectors are friendly and professional and are happy to answer your questions at any stage of the process. We adhere to the strictest standards for sample collection and isolation in order to ensure that our DNA test results stand up to rigorous legal standards. No matter the DNA testing service you need, we strive to ensure your comfort every step of the way.

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