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One of the most reliable methods for determining paternity is DNA testing. You can rely on for quick, accurate, and reasonable results for paternity tests, whether you need them for personal or legal reasons. We take great care to make sure that the results of your paternity DNA test are accurate at every stage because we know how important they are.

Our paternity testing administrations are guaranteed and you have the choice of court acceptable outcomes, or the more affordable Non-Legitimate DNA test, which is only for your own data and not really for court. We never compromise your privacy or confidentiality. We give lawful and individual paternity DNA testing for people, courts, and movement . Regardless of your novel necessities, you can trust Quickest Labs for quick, agreeable help and solid outcomes.

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Common Reasons for DNA Profiling

There are many instances in which you may wish to conduct a DNA profile for an individual or multiple people. DNA testing is the most reliable way to establish identity and is therefore used for a wide variety of reasons.

Some of the most common reasons for DNA profiling include:

  • Obtaining court-ordered DNA results as part of a legal proceeding
  • Verifying the parenthood of a child (maternity and paternity)
  • Determining whether a set of twins are identical or fraternal
  • Profiling a suspect’s DNA for database comparison in criminal proceedings
  • Establishing a genetic relationship for immigration-related issues
  • Confirming parenthood in adoption-related matters
  • Comparing DNA samples for genealogical or ancestral purposes

Regardless of your reasons for DNA profiling, we are committed to providing you with friendly, professional services and the fast, accurate results you need. We conduct all our sample collection procedures in our clean, comfortable lab facilities. The process is quick and easy, typically involving a minimally-invasive cheek swab. Once the sample (or samples, depending on your situation) is collected, we quickly and efficiently carry out our analyzation process. Results time vary for each different type of DNA test, but most results are available within a few days or weeks. The moment your certified accurate results are ready, we send them back to you and any other relevant parties.

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