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DNA banking might be the best option for you if you want to preserve your genetic material for use in the future, such as for genealogy or ancestry DNA testing. We have helped a lot of people with DNA banking by collecting samples quickly and easily, keeping them safe, and charging reasonable fees. We are happy to provide you with future DNA testing services and are able to store your genetic material for years or generations.

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What Is DNA Banking?

DNA banking is the process of collecting DNA and preserving it for future use or testing.

There are a number of reasons that people choose to carry out DNA banking, including:

  • DNA preservation for future analysis breakthroughs
  • Documentation of a genetic illness/condition
  • Assistance with genetic health for future generations
  • Preservation for future genealogy/ancestry testing
  • Other personal reasons

No matter the reason you wish to pursue DNA banking, you can rely on Fastest Labs for an enjoyable experience every step of the way. We conduct non-invasive DNA sample collection in our clean, comfortable facilities via a simple cheek swab. After your sample is collected, our certified collectors will carry out the necessary steps to ensure proper sample isolation to avoid any contamination.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing us?

Whether you are hoping to preserve your genetic material for future generations or wish to learn more about a genetic condition, Fastest Labs is committed to providing the highest quality DNA banking services. Our friendly, professional staff will make sure that you feel completely comfortable throughout the process, taking care to meet your confidentiality requirements and answer any questions you may have.

When you rely us for your DNA banking service, you’ll receive:

  • Fast, comfortable sample collection
  • Secure DNA material storage
  • Reliable DNA testing when requested
  • DNA banking for years/generations
  • Strict protection of your identity
  • Affordable DNA storage fees

While DNA banking may seem like a complex process, it is, in fact, quite simple. The whole sample collection procedure takes mere minutes and the preservation and storage of your genetic material is surprisingly easy and affordable.

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