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We have a reputation for providing some of the most accurate drug and alcohol screening results at the most affordable prices thanks to our more than a decade of industry experience. Our team is ready to help you, whether you need DOT-certified alcohol testing for your company, post-accident or court-ordered screening, or personal alcohol testing. We always strive to provide a safe, comfortable environment and a convenient testing process, and we typically offer instant results. You can get a clear and accurate picture of an individual’s alcohol use over a period of several months or up to the last 24 hours with the assistance of our certified collectors and certified breath alcohol technicians. We strive to provide the quickest and most precise results in every case.

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Types of Alcohol Tests We Offer

We proudly offer a full range of alcohol tests to meet any need. From tests designed to detect very recent usage to those that offer insight into an individual’s alcohol consumption over a period of a few months, our certified Fastest Labs collectors can help you find the right screening procedure for your specific needs.

We offer the following types of alcohol tests:

  • Breath alcohol/breathalyzer testing
  • Saliva alcohol testing
  • Fingernail alcohol testing
  • EtG/EtS urine alcohol testing

Many of our tests are court admissible. We can even help you create and implement a drug and alcohol policy for your workplace or conduct athletic or military testing. Our friendly, professional staff members will help you determine which test or combination of tests is right for your needs.

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Alcohol Testing Services

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